The Disraeli
17 December 2020
The Chalfont Phoenix
17 December 2020
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The Village Hall is an award winning family pub, famous for its grill menu, ales and wines, live music and sport and for running amazing private functions.  We do so much that it is hard to explain quickly so imagine this…
You’re in earshot of Central London but perched on the decking overlooking a Constable-esque scene in the English countryside while supping on a cold pear cider. This is no Utopian dream. This is what makes The Village Hall, set on the corner of the idyllic Gold Hill Common, so special. A family venue at the hub of Chalfont St Peter’s community, ‘The Hall’ caters for all. Elderly couples bask in their twilight years, real ale and fish and chips in hand, kids chow down on chicken nuggets whilst playing in The Village Small, and students and commuters take time from their busy schedules,  living  for The Village Hall weekend. The Village Hall isn’t just in Chalfont St Peter; it is Chalfont St Peter

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