16 December 2020
Hearsall Inn
16 December 2020
Contact Information
Howard Street Coventry , CV1 4GE
Detailed Information

The 3 Shuttles is a friendly pub, situated just off the ring road. It is known to be mainly a working mans pub and loved by the locals yet customers and staff are happy to welcome newcomers with a smile and a chat. A full selection of draught beers, wines and spirits are available for your enjoyment and a lovely range of soft drinks for non-drinkers, drivers and children. Why not come down on a Sunday afternoon and relax with a refreshing drink whilst listening to some brilliant Irish, Folk, Country and Western music? Karaoke nights are held on occasions and promise to be a fun night for all! The beer garden is the perfect place to have a nice drink in the summer months and there is a generous selection of snacks to stop you from going hungry! You can try your and at darts, or have a game of pool with friends and there is a jukebox for you to listen to all of your favourite music! Setanta sports is available on a plasma screen and a big screen for all those sports fanatics, so don’t worry about missing a sporting event! It you want to relax or have some fun in a very friendly atmosphere, then this is the pub for you!

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