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17 December 2020
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17 December 2020
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58 High Street, Cheddington Leighton Buzzard , LU7 0RQ
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The Old Swan in Cheddington, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire is a quintessential English country pub. We serve a selection of real ales, fine wines with home made cooking. Close to Leighton Buzzard yet bordering Bucks, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire,The Old Swan is the perfect pub where you can experience our traditional bar and restaurant. The Swan is a 15th century pub with restaurant. The landlady told us that she believes the original structure comprised of three cottages. The building has been licensed since 1753 and has been subject to various extensions over this period of time. Mum, (Shirley Mason), and I arrived early. We sat in the area known as “the snug”, just off the front porch.  At about 7.10pm, whilst mum was at the bar, I felt a distinct change of atmosphere, the air around me felt “charged” and after about two minutes returned to normal.  I felt as if something was “checking me out”.  A little later, when passing the bar, I decided to introduce ourselves to the landlady. Inexplicably I could not talk.  I felt became very hot and felt a distinct pressure around my throat and could not utter a word. (Becoming very hot may have been a result of embarrassment – but anybody who knows me will testify that they have never known me to be lost for words!)  I had been calm and relaxed, this has never happened previously or since. At about 8pm our fellow members arrived and the Landlady, Marie, came to speak to us.  Without going into details of what form the phenomena took, she told us that they had experienced “poltergeist-like” activity in the kitchen areas.  She also suggested, without telling us why, that we should also investigate her private bathroom, (located upstairs), the outside grounds, the hallway into the cellar and the cellar itself.  She told us of a heavy oppressive atmosphere in the pub that she could only describe as “depressing”. Apparently the pub has suffered an abnormally high turnover of staff.  Indeed, the tenancy has changed hands a number of times, often with tenants leaving suddenly.  She felt that while at work, staff often felt “low” and were “argumentative” which was out of character. Marie introduced us to Ilona, the chef, who has had more experiences than anyone else of the strange occurrences in the pub. Both Marie and Ilona were keen to observe our investigation and hopefully make some sense out of their experiences. We want to provide you with a great eating and drinking experience so will only ever serve you food and drink we would be happy to be served ourselves. We buy seasonal and British produce wherever possible. Our steaks are 21 day old prime English beef and our chicken and eggs are all free range. Our fish supplies come from sustainable sources and we focus on best quality fresh ingredients from ethical producers. This approach can cost us more, but we know the benefit of trusted suppliers builds your trust in us.

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